What is Ericksonian Hypnotherapy?

In Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, the therapist works in an indirect way to help the client reach and influence his own subconscious mind. Ericksonian Hypnosis does not require identification of the cause of the problem in the past, but works in the present to utilise the symptom to achieve change in the present.

Erickson defines hypnosis as influence communication.

Erickson’s methods are collectively called the “utilization” approach or “Ericksonian hypnosis”.

In this model, the emphasis is placed upon the utilisation of as many dimensions of the client’s inner world as possible, particularly the unconscious mind’s unique resources.

Tools will include the use of metaphors, stories, jokes, tales and fables to teach lessons and provide options to the subconscious in an informal way.



1) A certificate of SASCH Elementary Hypnosis Training

2) For advanced level training an Intermediate certificate in the same stream is compulsory.

3) Must be currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychology


4) Currently be an Intern in Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychology


5) Be a registered Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychologist with the HPCSA


6) Be a registered Medical Doctor or Dentist, but you will have to apply for accreditation through your own field’s accreditation board. 

Price structure for Training Courses:

  • R4 300 – SASCH & PsySSA members
  • R4 800 – Non-members
  • R2 150 – M1, M2 student psychologists and Interns in Psychology

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