What is Ego-State Hypnotherapy?


Ego State Therapy is a psychodynamic approach to treating various cognitive and behavioural problems in the individual. It views the individual personality as being comprised of many parts or ego states that together form the whole.

Ego States are experienced in normal people as normal mood changes. Problems occur when ego states are in conflict or when the boundaries between the states become more rigid and less permeable.

Each ego state constitutes a kind of “sub- self” which has more or less individual autonomy in relation to other states and to the entire personality. They are separated from one another by boundaries which are more or less permeable. Each part has a unique identity and function.

The aim of Ego Sate Therapy is to identify and understand the different facets of personality.

Through hypnosis some of the parts can be dissociated to allow the focus to fall on a single ego state or personality segment to work with in therapy.

Techniques used in family or group therapy will be applied to work with the individual client, to resolve conflicts, and facilitate communication between and integration of the different parts in the personality.



1) A certificate of SASCH Elementary Hypnosis Training

2) For advanced level training an Intermediate certificate in the same stream is compulsory.

3) Must be currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychology


4) Currently be an Intern in Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychology


5) Be a registered Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychologist with the HPCSA


6) Be a registered Medical Doctor or Dentist, but you will have to apply for accreditation through your own field’s accreditation board. 

Price structure for Training Courses:

  • R4 300 – SASCH & PsySSA members
  • R4 800 – Non-members
  • R2 150 – M1, M2 student psychologists and Interns in Psychology

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