Elementary Hypnosis Training at SASCH


Elementary Hypnosis training overview:

Elementary level training that provides hypnotherapeutic theory, technique & practice.

The following is course material is covered:


Different types of induction

Different types of deepening

Different types of trance work

Different types of ego strengthening

Elementary is the base level that all hypnotherapy is based on. Without showing evidence of proficiency in  Elementary hypnosis a participant will not be granted access to Intermediate level training.





1) Must be currently enrolled in a Master’s degree in Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychology


2) Currently be an Intern in Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychology


3) Be a registered Clinical -, Counselling- or Education Psychologist with the HPCSA


4) Be a registered Medical Doctor or Dentist, but you will have to apply for accreditation through your own field’s accreditation board. 

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