What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is increasingly recognised as an exceptionally powerful vehicle to facilitate and augment the efficacy of virtually any therapeutic approach.

Hypnosis is not a therapy in-and-of itself, but rather is an altered state of consciousness, in which virtually any mode of therapeutic intervention – from didactic training, or analytic exploration, to indirect or health psychology approaches – can often be more effectively & efficiently utilised to promote healing & growth.

In addition to this, the hypnotic state makes a wide variety of interventions possible that are simply unimaginable in “ordinary” talk-therapy!

Modern clinical hypnosis can often be effectively utilized in an almost unimaginably wide range of therapeutic conditions from the augmentation & facilitation of the effectiveness of “normal” psychotherapy, to the facilitation of the growth orientated approaches of Positive Psychology, even to the relief & resolution of the psychosomatic aspects of what are normally considered to be “medical” conditions!

In addition to this, the rapidly developing field of “Transpersonal Psychology”, is a uniquely suited hypnotherapeutic intervention

South African Research on Hypnosis & Related Interventions

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